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Who is this webinar for?

Millennials: You want to start early on your mission to build wealth. No problem. You have made a great choice to kick start your journey to financial freedom.

Just Married: So, you just got married? Congratulations! We will help you make 1+1 = 3 and help you and your spouse to grow your combined earning!

I have kids: Is it too late to start investing? How do I manage ever increasing education costs? When you have a family, it becomes doubly important to take care of your finances.

Nearing retirement: Retirement is the most critical juncture in life. It’s very important to ensure a steady stream of income to help you manage your expenses, while your salaried income has stopped.

What will we cover in this power packed 2-hour webinar?

Get all the answers you are looking for when it comes to planning your finances!

  • Which investment instruments should I choose? Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stocks, Bonds?
  • I have just started my career. Is it too early to invest? When is the right time to plan for your finances?
  • Do I really need a financial planner? Why can’t I do it all by myself?
  • How to minimize risks and reach all your goals without worrying about uncertainties of life
  • What are my investment choices in today’s time (COVID19 situation!)

About Snowball Wealth

Snowball Wealth has solid work in the field of Personal Finance. As of today, Snowball caters to 1300+ clients across the globe and manage assets of more than 100Cr.

Investor Awareness Programs conducted by Snowball Weath 

Your Webinar Hosts

Srinivas V

Srinivas is the founder of Snowball Wealth Managers. He holds a CFP ( Certified Financial Planner ) Certification and is a CIA ( Chartered Insurance Advisor ) He is a Marathon Runner, networker and a passionate investment advisor. Srinivas has done his Engineering from Vishveshwarayya Technological University and MBA from Bangalore University. 

Mandar Marathe

Mandar Marathe is the Chief Revenue Officer at Koppr which helps businesses bring financial wellness to their employees. Koppr puts your employees above all. We help you become an employee-first organisation and stay ahead of the curve.

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