Financial management apps are extremely useful. From offering reminders about your upcoming EMIs to offering a comprehensive budget plan related to your expenses, these apps help you to manage all aspects of your financial well-being on a day-to-day basis. Whether you use an Android or an iOs platform, you can find many interesting money-management apps. Download any one of them and you will be able to smoothly sort out your finances. Take a look at this article to know more about the top personal finance management apps in India and how they can be of help to you.




Walnut is considered to be one of the most useful money -management apps that are available on both Android as well as iOs devices. Some of the features offered by Walnut include:

  • Tab on expenses – The app allows you to keep a tab on your monthly expenses. It gives you regular updates about the amount of money you have spent in the month, it intimates you about the accumulated credit card bill, etc. This helps you to keep a tab on your expenses quite effectively.
  • Auto payment of bills – The app pays your due bills automatically. The auto=payment feature on the app is of great help, especially to those who tend to miss the due dates and end up defaulting on their bills.
  • Categorizes expenses – The app categorizes all the expenses and tells you how much you spent on travel, dining, groceries, entertainment and so on. This helps you to understand your own spending patterns and make alterations if needed.
  • SMS scanning – The app regularly scans the SMSes received on your mobile device. It alerts you about the spends and informs you about any fraudulent transactions that may have taken place.

With these interesting features on offer, Walnut proves to be very handy for anyone who needs some digital assistance to manage their money.



The next app on the list is the highly-rated GoodBudget app. Another one of the personal finance management apps that is available both to the Android as well as the iOs users, it helps you to plan out your monthly expenses. It also helps you to save by telling you about your various overheads and pointing out spending patterns. Here are the top features of this app:

  • Online envelopes – The most unique feature of this app is online envelopes. You can create separate envelopes for all your expenses such as groceries, utilities, fuel, savings, etc. You can allocate funds to each envelope and stick to your monthly budget accordingly.
  • Option to share budget – Not only does the app help you to make and use your own budget, but it also gives you the option to share the budget with your family members. This helps you to stay on the same page with close family members such as your spouse or parents with whom you share the familial financial load.
  • Payment of dues – The app offers the autopay option with which you can clear your monthly dues on time without having to worry about forgotten due dates.
  • Debt payoff plans – The app helps you to create specific debt-payoff plans. With the help of these, you can adjust your EMIs and clear off all your dues in a comfortable manner.

These features make the GoodBudget app so popular among users not just in India, but all around the world.



The EZ Financial Calculators app is one of the well-received personal finance management apps that helps thousands of people to keep a check on their finances. Here are the top features of this money-management app:

  • Complete set of financial calculators – You will find a whole lot of calculators on this app. With the help of these, you can calculate everything including your tax liabilities, your home loan interest rate, your retirement fund requirements, your insurance premium rates, the returns on various investments and so on.
  • Easy transfer of results – Not only does this app help you to calculate the various figures and amounts, but it also makes it easy for you to share the results with anyone you wish to. You can email the results to your family or friends as and when you want to do so.
  • Error-free calculations – Most of the financial calculations undertaken by this app are very complex and comprise of various layers. Manual calculations can lead to several errors, but the app offers completely error-free results. This is a major advantage of using the EZ Financial Calculators app.
  • Expert advice – The app has provisions for its users to get expert advice. You can speak to a financial expert on the app and get specific answers to your money related queries.

With these features, the EZ Financial Calculators are among the most popular expense manager apps in use presently.


One of the handiest expense manager apps, Chillr is a very popular and widely used app in India. The features of this app include:

  • Mobile banking – The app allows you to transfer money, receive money and make quick recharges. These features allow you to use the app as a mobile banking app. It makes it easy for you to manage all your financial transactions from one source.
  • Utility bill payments – The app also allows you to make your utility bill payments such as paying your electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill and so on. You also get attractive discounts and cashback when you pay your bills from the app.
  • Remind friends about payments – The app has a very novel feature through which you can send reminders to your friends who owe you money. The app will directly remind them of the amount they owe you. They can pay you the money directly on the app itself.

As you can see, the features are quite interesting and make money management quite a simple task for you.



The Money Manager Expense & Budget app is available for the Android as well as the iOs users. It helps you in the following ways:

  • Deposits money into the account – As soon as you receive your monthly salary, the app deposits the specified amount of money into your account.
  • Pays money out – When you command the app to make payments, it automatically does so on specific dates specified by you. This helps you to manage your expenses in a very disciplined manner.

The double bookkeeping feature of this app makes it one of the most popular money management apps in India.



This is a very straightforward and one of the most simple personal finance management apps, but it offers excellent solutions to anyone who tends to check their expenses. Here are some of the features:

  • Tracks all expenses – Whether it is something large as paying your monthly home loan EMI or something as small as paying cab fare, you can feed in all your expenses into the app and keep a tab on your spends. The app makes separate categories for your expenses and prepares charts for you to get a better understanding of the money you spend.
  • Synchronised data entry – The app allows you to simultaneously enter data from your mobile phone, tab or laptop. You can download the app on any device and log in using your Dropbox credentials. This makes it simple for you to enter all your financial details, as soon as you complete a transaction.
  • Choice of language and currency – The app provides you with a choice of your language and currency. This makes it easy for you to plan your finances even when you travel to a different country and use a different currency.

The Monefy – Money Manager app is thus one of the best money management apps available currently.


The mTrakr Money Manager app is a highly efficient personal management app that allows you to manage your expenses in an excellent manner by offering these features:

  • SMS Scanning – The app scans your SMS inbox and collects data about all your credit card and debit card spends. You do not have to manually feed in the data to the app regarding your expenses as the data is automatically collected by the app.
  • Automatic categorizing – The app is one of the few money management apps that has the automatic categorizing feature. The expenses are categorised under different columns and you can see where you have spent throughout the month. This is a very handy feature and allows you to get better results in a quicker manner.
  • Budget planner – The app also has a budget planning feature with the help of which you can have a customised budget plan ready each month. This helps to make money management a lot easier as you already know what to spend and when to spend.
  • Expert advice – The app offers expert advice related to money management. If you need any help on how to reduce your monthly expenses or on the different types of investment options, you can find helpful information on the app itself.

The features offered by the mTrakr Money Manager app are very good and helpful for anyone looking to streamline their expenses.



The final app to feature on this list is the Expense Manager app. This is another highly-rated and much in use expense manager app that helps people by offering the following benefits:

  • Free to use – The Expense Manager app is a completely free very easy financial management app to use. It is available to the iOs as well as the Android users across the world.
  • Track finances – The app has an in-built feature with the help of which it can track all your financial transactions and this can tell you about your expenses. It also keeps a check on your income and tells you how much money you have spent and what you have left in your account.
  • Picture entry – When you use this app, you do not need to feed in the data related to your expenses manually. You can simply click a photograph of a receipt and upload it on the app and the needful will be done. This is a truly unique feature that makes this app very popular.
  • Financial calculators – The app has many in-built financial calculators such as the tax calculators, interest calculators, EMI calculators and so on. With the help of these tools, you can easily understand your financial liabilities and see where you need to pay what.

These features are very efficient indeed and make the Expense Manager one of the best personal finance management apps to use in India.


The Qykly app is an extremely good and effective personal finance management app that allows you to perform various financial tasks including:

  • Expense tracker – The app has an expense tracker that allows you to check where you spend your money each month. The expense tracker is easy to use and is very effective in categorising your expenses in an accurate fashion.
    Monthly budget maker – If you need help planning your monthly finances, you should ideally make a budget at the beginning of the month. With the help of the Qykly app, you can make a very effective monthly budget and stick to it.
  • Highly secured – The app uses multiple layers of security with added passwords to ensure your financial data remains safe. Sadly, online financial frauds are very prevalent and so you cannot trust every money management app that you come across. Qykly is a verified and safe app that you can use without any fear or worries whatsoever.
  • SMS scanner – The app has a feature through which it scans the SMS inbox of your phone. Apart from retrieving financial details through this, the app also identifies travel PNRs and helps you plan your finances when you travel.

These are the unique features that make the Qykly app a very popular wealth management app among users in India.


Smart Spends is an app that allows you to keep a comprehensive tab on all your expenses, thereby helping you to streamline your spends and save effectively. The features of this app are:

  • Automatic aggregation – A very unique feature of this app is that automatically aggregates all your monthly expenses and categorizes them in groups. This makes it very simple for you to check where you spent how much and understand your spending pattern more effectively.
  • Tracks investments – The app also scans your financial transactions and tracks all your investments. It sends you a report about the same and allows you to keep a tab on your investments as well.
  • Pays bills – Much like the other personal finance management apps, the Smart Spends app can be used to make monthly bill payments. You can set up the auto-pay options on the app for various dues.

With the help of these features, the Smart Spends app allows you to take charge of your expenses in a smooth and hassle-free manner.


As you can see, there are some excellent personal money management apps available in India these days. Download the personal finance management apps on to your smart devices and use them diligently to get better control over your finances. The expense manager apps are quite user-friendly and easy to use and they are also available widely.

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