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Koppr enables you to lead a financially healthy life.

We believe that everyone should have access to tools to take control of their finances and the freedom that comes along with it. Financial freedom is just not for the riches, it’s for everyone.

Our mission is to provide you the right tools and financial products & take care of your financial well-being.


Workshops, byte-sized online courses to make learning fun. Investment insights to improve financial decision making


Goals-based planning for all life goals, like home purchase, education, retirement or debt reduction


Invest in the right instruments to achieve your long-term financial goals. Take micro steps towards a secure financial future.


Goal tracking, spending analysis and budgeting tools for tracking each and every monthly expense.

India’s first financial wellness survey

  • 16% of the people worried about money for more than 20 hours every month contributing to a dip in productivity and increased absenteeism at work.
  • 52% claimed that their problems were heavily distracting them at work.
  • 55% of the people were under financial stress
  • 72% were clueless on how to save for retirement, highlighting the need for financial awareness.

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Koppr’s Financial Wellness Resources

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This comprehensive stock market investment guide includes detailed information all you need before investing in stock markets.

Financial Planning Guide for Beginners

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Mutual Funds Guide

This comprehensive mutual fund investment guide includes detailed information about investing in mutual funds.

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