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The employee benefit to power your company’s growth

Your employees are under financial stress

  • 16% of the people worried about money for more than 20 hours every month contributing to a dip in productivity and increased absenteeism at work.
  • 52% claimed that their problems were heavily distracting them at work.
  • 55% of the employees were under financial stress
  • 72% of employees were clueless on how to save for retirement, highlighting the need for financial awareness.

Financial or money matters are a major cause of stress.

Employees face health issues
Employees leave company
Employees are less engaged

Koppr enables your employees to lead a financially healthy life.

Our mission is to help you become an employee-first organization by providing you the tools to engage, retain and delight your employees by taking care of their financial well-being.

95% employers agree that financial wellness has been effective in reaching their bottom line

Greater employee engagement/ lower stress

Less employee turnover

Improvement in Employee productivity / performance

Potentially lower healthcare costs for your company

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